I’m so bad at checking in here. Apologies for all of the ridiculously late replies.

It’s not the worst place to live, but not the best either. I’m certainly ready for a change, but don’t have the money to move.


I have not done this and actually forgot I even could u til I saw this message! I’m going to give it a try a little later today.


I’m fine with the web interface. I was just curious!



You do make a good point. But you’d think after 37 years, I’d be used to it, lol.


Folks, are they any iOS apps floating around for 10C? I’m fine with using it in the browser, but thought I’d ask anyway!

I can never seem to stay warm this time of year.

I purchased the base model back in July and it’s been absolutely wonderful for my needs.


That’s exactly it, haha.


These last few weeks have been rough at work. Everyone needs stuff done by the end of the year. Oy.